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It's the year 2021. Fifteen years ago, six billion adults were killed in a six month period by a mysterious disease. Now, change is coming, and it's coming fast—the survivors have grown up now and exhausted the leftovers of the old world. The future is on the horizon, and Jeremiah's on his way to meet it.

Follow That Dream

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*also archived at the Wonderful World of Make Believe.

Note: I did something I don't usually do in this story. Basically, I wove my "missing scenes" in between scenes transcribed directly from the pilot episode. So if you see something that just don't look like my writing, well, it ain't. But I guarantee all the slashiness is mine. *g*


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Jeremiah and Kurdy investigate a group of cultists and Jeremiah admits something to himself.


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A late night conversation leads to new developments between Markus and Jeremiah.

Thou Shalt Not Fall

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Relationship issues. Enough said.

Warning: not the last you'll see of this story. The last two parts are still in progress, and probably will remain that way for a long time.

The Fast and the Furious

Full Circle

What happened after Brian handed over those car keys, anyway? There's a sequel movie, but I think the premise is a bit off, so I've never watched it. I think Brian ran. And maybe, just maybe, he ran into Dom again, a little way down the road.

Forty-five Degrees

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Brian's life really sucks these days, to the point where he doesn't think it can get any worse. But who knows...

One Hundred Twenty Degrees

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Life takes on one hell of a spin whenever Dom's involved.

Two Hundred Sixty Degrees

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That spin is turning into an out of control spiral. Will there be a crash? Read on, and find out. BTW.... getting a bit steamy in here, at least an R, possibly NC-17. Dunno which, my rating-monitor's busted.

Prayer of the Rollerboys

Inner Demons

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Griffin and his family have been in Oregon for several months now. They've found a place for themselves and are settling in. But what they don't know is that Gary Lee isn't safely in jail where he's supposed to be...


User Interface

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It's a few weeks after the destruction of the Master Control Program. Kevin Flynn has his hands full trying to deal with his new position as Vice President of ENCOM after revealing Dillinger's theft of his games. And then life gets even more complicated, when he runs into Ram's user.


Fire and Ice

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Tiny little scene, not much to it, but spawned by Scratch'n'Snif. Ever wonder what would happen if Jool and Chiana got together?

*also archived at


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Okay, this is wrong. I know it's wrong, but I can't get the damn images out of my head, so I must write them and share them with the world, so everyone else can get as squicked as I do by the thoughts in my demented little mind.

What is so wrong? you ask. Well. let me tell you... Crichton/Scorpius. *shudder* This here scene is just the beginning, there's a longer, much more twisted piece that I've been working on, describing the events leading to this scene in detail, and carrying on beyond it. Ick.


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This is not finished yet. It's (unfortunately) mainly het, inspired by a friend at work torturing me with images of two Chrichtons and Aeryn in bed. She's supposed to be writing the next part—I just can't do het that well at all, anymore. But this bit is at least kind of funny, so I'm putting it up unfinished.


King of Goblins

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A scene based on Labyrinth, which may or may not develop more around it.

21 Jump Street

Late Night Chat

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I haven't seen the show 21 Jump Street in a disgustingly long time, so please—if I've got some details wrong, don't kill me. But my muse is bored, and insisting on variety, so here's a scene from down on Jump Street...


Farscape Tonight

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Beware, this one's excessively cheesy—just a goofy little filk I wrote at work, in anticipation of that night's Farscape episode.

The Cheese Stands Alone

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This one requires a bit of explanation. The Evil Othercat was talking about a filk she wants to write about an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which involved a bizarre dream sequence and a guy standing around holding a bunch of cheese. She wanted to include the line "The cheese stands alone." Well, I kinda took off and ran with that... sorry. *wince*

The Mary Sue Song

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Will it never end? Mary Sue has invaded a lovely old country tune, "Mary Lou" as performed by the Statler Brothers. Sorry, but I had to share the horror... It wasn't my fault, either. The thing was inspired by the evil Othercat.


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