I turned away from the mirror in disgust. I couldn't even stand looking at myself anymore. The opportunity had been there- right there in my very hands, the opportunity to free myself from this sadistic frelling bastard who continued to torment me, and I couldn't do it. He laughed at me- stood there and laughed at me, while I held the blade to his throat and couldn't bring myself to use it. Because he was right, frell him. He was right, and I couldn't kill him. Why not? you ask. Well, let me tell you, so did I. I asked why not? and I don't like the answer, not one frelling bit.

His accusation was true, damn him to the worst hell. I couldn't kill him, because I needed him. In some warped and twisted way, I was coming to accept and even to crave this unnatural- relationship- between us. At first, I could have done it. If the opportunity had presented itself like it had today, if I'd had a chance to get hold of a knife while unbound, I would have been able to kill him- especially after the first time he'd... used me. Used me like a trussed up sex doll, howling out his triumph over me to all the worlds and making sure I knew exactly how helpless I was. I'd have killed him without so much as batting an eyelash. Damn, I wish I'd had the opportunity then! But no, he had to leave me tied up and helpless, while he... had his fun whenever he wished it. And me... damn if I didn't do just as he said I would. Not only did I get used to it, but... shit.

I pounded on the wall. The pain in my hand distracted me for a moment, but I couldn't hide from the truth any longer. No matter how I looked at it, I couldn't deny the fact that the damn "bond" he was talking about was actually there. There was some twisted part of myself that actually... I won't go so far as to say liked what Scorpie did to me, but was coming to... need...