John Crichton astronaut, flung through a wormhole...

John Crichton, an astronaut from the planet Earth, has an accident involving a spaceship and a wormhole and finds himself in the middle of a terrifically weird new life, where he makes his home aboard a living ship and is in a sometimes uneasy partnership with a batch of alien escaped convicts. Crazy, wonderful show.


I write slash. Specifically, this involves fan fiction exploring sexual relationships between two characters of the same gender, most often male. If you are offended by the notion of two people of the same gender showing their love for each other, there may be something for you here: the Fan Fiction Directory. Likewise, if you are offended by explicit descriptions of sex between consenting adults, please go elsewhere. All graphic pieces are marked with a warning.

Fire and Ice

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Tiny little scene, not much to it, but spawned by Scratch'n'Snif. Ever wonder what would happen if Jool and Chiana got together?

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Okay, this is wrong. I know it's wrong, but I can't get the damn images out of my head, so I must write them and share them with the world, so everyone else can get as squicked as I do by the thoughts in my demented little mind.

What is so wrong? you ask. Well. let me tell you... Crichton/Scorpius. *shudder* This here scene is just the beginning, there's a longer, much more twisted piece that I've been working on, describing the events leading to this scene in detail, and carrying on beyond it. Ick.

UPDATE: Nope, never finished it. I just am not warped and twisted enough to write that miserable story. Bad enough I have to carry it around in my head, no need to inflict it upon the rest of the world.


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This is not finished yet. It's (unfortunately) mainly het, inspired by a friend at work torturing me with images of two Chrichtons and Aeryn in bed. She's supposed to be writing the next part—I just can't do het that well at all, anymore. But this bit is at least kind of funny, so I'm putting it up unfinished.


Aeryn Sun



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