I write slash. Specifically, this involves fan fiction exploring sexual relationships between two characters of the same gender, most often male. If you are offended by the notion of two people of the same gender showing their love for each other, there may be something for you here: the Fan Fiction Directory. Likewise, if you are offended by explicit descriptions of sex between consenting adults, please go elsewhere. All graphic pieces are marked with a warning.

Death Star Rising

A Disturbing Trend

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Senator Palpatine has begun his bid for power.


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A lifelong dream is realized when Anakin Skywalker takes to the stars.

A Very Bad Thing

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Something bad happened one day, something very bad, and it changed little Leia's life forever.

Other Stories


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Warning: original character death

Kail Naffi was an ordinary Imperial pilot, proud to serve the Empire and with an eye out for advancement, until the destruction of Alderaan.

inspired by Karen's SW fanfic.

Turning Point

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A prequel to Aftermath. What makes a young man leave his home and join the Imperial Navy?

Remember Me

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A poem about the death of Alderaan.

One Night Stand

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Rating: NC-17

Pure smut, and nothing but. An off duty Imperial officer goes looking for something and finds more than he expected.

*Also archived at SlashFanfiction.com.

*Adapted and transformed into original characters, published through Smashwords. Eventually, these boys have a larger story, where they meet again, but it keeps getting shoved back by other projects.

From the Continuing Adventures of Superdroid

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R2D3 was quietly waiting to begin his day of work, when an accident changed his life forever. Now he is Superdroid, dedicated to the liberation of droids everywhere from the manipulative control of organics.

What Couldn't Have Happened

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A silly little dialogue written for a contest on the (long defunct) SciFiVine. Needless to say, it didn't win, but I had fun writing it.

Darth Maul Takes Out the Trash

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*inspired by the Sith Academy.

Pretty self-explanatory, wouldn't you think?

Darth Maul Clones In Jeans

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*inspired by the Sith Academy.

What would you do with multiple clones of Darth Maul, all bent on mischief?

Kittens of the Sith

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*inspired by the Sith Academy

A silly filk, inspired by the Sith Academy tale of when My Apprentice had kittens, who were sent to torment the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The tune is based on Children of the Sun, by Billy Thorpe.

Son of a Sith

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Yet another goofy filk, this one to the tune of "Hair of the Dog" by Nazareth, aka the son of a bitch song.

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*also archived at the YEB.

And yes, it's an entry in Yoda's diary. That is, the Sith Academy version of Yoda.

These characters are not mine. I make no profit in any way from my fan fiction.