What Couldn't Have Happened

This is a scene from Star Wars that will never be seen... and perhaps that is for the greater good... : )

"Luke, it is your destiny."
"I said, Luke, it is your destiny."
"Now wait a minute here. My destiny? My ass! You think I want to be just like you? Dream on, old man!"
"You will feel the power of the Dark Side, you insolent brat!"
"Oh yeah? And I suppose you're going to make me feel it, too. Uh-huh."
"Now I know why I left you with your mother. You're not too old to get turned over my knee!"
"Ha! Now you're claiming to be my father? Oh yeah, that one's really good. Come on then, let's see if an old Sith's still got what it takes..."

(scuffling and sparring)

"You're not so cocky now, boy."
"Okay, okay- so you're still quick. Big deal. A fully trained warrior like yourself, with all the powers of the Dark Side at your beck and call, can beat up on a puny, half-trained boy. Doesn't that make you a big man."
"I will spank your smart-aleck behind yet, my son..."


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