Jurassic Park Fanfic

Once Bitten

(Otherwise known as "The Story That Ate My Life!")

Note: there are hugely obvious discrepancies between the movies and this story. You see, I'm a huge Michael Crichton fan, and wouldn't ordinarily even consider slashing his characters. But you see, the movie... omigod. The third movie wasn't taken from a Michael Crichton book, and you can tell. It's like the movie was a fanfic itself, with a few bits of canon thrown in for good measure, and damn was it slashy. I've taken some stuff that was canon in the book Jurassic Park, and some from the Lost World as well, and used it here. I've also made some adjustments and assumptions, especially with ages. Anyone familiar with the beginning of the book Jurassic Park—well, I've thrown a bunch of it clean out the window, just like the movies did, especially the details about Dr. Grant.

Anyway, if you see stuff that doesn't jive with the movies, it may be from the books. If you see stuff that's not in either books or movies, then it's mine. And if you see stuff that's from the books but just plain wrong... well, hell. It's an AU. What can I say? ; )

Now, there's an additional disclaimer required here, beyond the usual "This is fanfic, not for profit" stuff. Many of the places I've used in this tale are real, but none of the people are. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.

Massive thanks go out to Karen, for keeping me going on this thing and pointing out my booboos. Thanks—and I swear I'll get that happy stuff written for you! I really will!

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In the beginning, there was Billy.


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This takes place immediately after the ending of JP III. If you haven't seen it yet, do so—the story is one colossal spoiler!


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Just a little epilogue. It's hardly enough to call a story, but hey—I couldn't just leave 'em passed out in the bed, now could I? Well... maybe I could...

In Between Bites...

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Okay, these just aren't happening... three little scenes, that should be able to connect to each other and produce a happy story somehow... but dangit, I just ain't been in happy-mode lately! But here's the little nibbles, anyway.

Time, What Is Time

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A little scene that wanted to come out and play.

Missing Scenes

Up A Tree

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A missing scene from the movie.


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Alan's thoughts after losing Billy.


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