The above image is my concept of the Barrier looming over the Haunted Hills, from PC Hodgell's world Rathillien.

Only Human

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This is a story based on Crown of Shadows, by C. S. Friedman. This is the third book of the Coldfire Trilogy, and I'm reasonably sure it'll make no sense whatsoever if you haven't read the books.


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This is a story based on The Seven Towers, by Patricia C. Wrede. It may or may not make sense if you haven't read the book, I'm not sure.

When Dreams Come True

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From the world of Diane Duane's So You Want To Be A Wizard... series comes this little PWP. (Also, there's a much longer one, but I'm still working on it. It's pre-slash, anyway.)

Tom and Carl, a couple of wizardly partners that are obviously partners in more ways than one... they must have gotten together at some time, right? Well, here's a glimpse of those early days, before they became lovers. It's been a day from hell in the world of college student Carl Romeo. Little does he know just how much better his roommate can make things...

From the Worlds of P.C. Hodgell

Shattered Illusions

This takes place shortly after the Host's triumphant return from the defeat of the Horde. (End of Dark of the Moon.) Torisen, Highlord of the Kencyrath, has returned to his home keep of Gothregor. His long-lost twin sister Jame is causing an uproar with her improper ways. However, Jame's behavior fades to insignificance in comparison to the news she brings her brother. Torisen finds himself in a hideously uncomfortable position, forced to rethink the habits of a lifetime.


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Jame finds herself at loose ends upon arrival at her brother's keep.

Know Thyself

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Torisen receives unwelcome tidings.

Voyages of Discovery

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A whole new world opens out before the Black Lord.

Crime and Punishment

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At what price does happiness come? Perhaps too high, when the cost is one's honor.


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"An ill wind blows no good," as the old aunties say, and an evil wind indeed is blowing down from the North.


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Okay, so it's just a fancy way of saying "rebirth"... I liked the sound of it. : )

Future Shock

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What shall the future bring? Torisen must learn to accept himself before he can find out.


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