The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne


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What darkness lurks in the heart of Phileas Fogg? Jules would love to find out.

This is intended to be a kind of generic behind the scenes thing, that could occur in between any of the episodes without affecting any of them... although, based on what I saw last night, I'd place it before "Lord of Air and Darkness." There were definite slashy overtones there... *g* And I repeat, it's very much a work in progress.

The Secret Slash Chronicles of RedVixen, Vol. I

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Now this one really isn't my fault, I swear! *g* This is what Blarney Stone had to say, on the Secret-Slash mailing list:

This makes for an interesting love triangle: Passepartout loves Phileas, who loves Jules, who doesn't yet know it. I wonder where this leaves Rebecca? Oh, I know! She's chronicling the whole thing for some underground Victorian Ladies' slash magazine; with names and certain facts changed to protect the gentlemen in question, of course.

She released the plot bunny to me, and naturally it took off running in my fevered little mind... *eg* So here you go, the first of possibly many silly little tales of Rebecca-as-slasher. Just beware the intentionally corny dialogue. *g*


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